Our patents

Did you know we have achieved for static surfaces to be dynamic?
Our company’s goal has always been to be able to offer a differentiated product, better and innovative.

Magnet, our last patent in the market is capable of transforming any indoor or outdoor
surface in 100% accessible. We have created the first mechanical locking for loose
boards, avoiding access panels and being able to access anytime anywhere with a single spatula.

What about those invisible profiles that hide the understructure?
Our Plus patented profile create a unique comfort and never-seen advantages.

Installations with a harsh timing? We have proved that with our patented SpeedClip system
installation is twice as faster than with any other installation system available.

We are pioneers, we create history and we are influencers.


Patent Yvyra The Magnet

The Magnet

100% accessible surfaces with
The Magnet installation system.

Patent Yvyra invisible system

Invisible Profile

100% invisible substructure using Exterpark decking
with no visible gaps nor under structure