BAU München 2023

From April 17th to the 22nd, at BAU Munich (the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials, and systems), we showcased the advantages and features of our Exterpark decking, with a special focus on our latest patent: the revolutionary Magnet S system, which is easier and twice as fast to install.

This new system, called Magnet S, combines the installation ease of the previous system, known as The Magnet, with the benefits of Speedclip®️. The fusion of these two technologies has resulted in a completely accessible, quick, and simple way to install and disassemble decking, without the need for screws.

Exterparl BAU 2023

Over the course of the 5-day fair, our Exterpark booth attracted a significant number of visitors eager to learn more about this groundbreaking installation system. Our participation in this event has been deemed a great success and has generated high expectations for its next edition in 2025, where Exterpark has already reserved its booth.

Exterpark’s Magnet S system promises to revolutionize the outdoor decking market by offering a more efficient and practical way to install and uninstall these floors. With this innovation, Exterpark reaffirms its commitment to quality and excellence in the design and manufacture of high-end decking.

Equipo Exterpark BAU 2023

Those interested in learning more about Exterpark decking and the Magnet S system can find additional information on our official website and can contact the company’s sales team for personalized assistance.