New Patent The Magnet S

At Yvyra, we are committed to constantly innovating and improving our products to offer high quality solutions;
Proof of this is our 4th patent, recently filed, the Magnet S system, a remarkable improvement of our successful The Magnet system.


The new Magnet S system, substantially improves the speed of installation and removal of the exterior decking, making it 3 times faster than with a standard installation system, proven! Take a look at this video for more information.
Magnet S is undoubtedly the most attractive option on the market today for the installation of outdoor decking.



  1. Invisible Profile:

With the Magnet S System, you will enjoy a completely invisible profile on your decking. This not only improves the aesthetics of your outdoor space, but also makes it more hygienic, as there are no open joints, dirt and objects remain on the surface and can and can be easily removed, and it is safer, by avoiding any risk of lost objects that could slip through the cracks.

The Magnet S Exterpark

  1. No screws:

No more screws.
The Magnet S System eliminates the need for screws in the installation of decking. This makes the installation process easier and faster
This makes the installation process easier and faster, with no noise or splinters that could compromise safety.


  1. 100% Accessible:

Accessibility is key, and with the Magnet S System, we’ve taken accessibility to the next level. Anyone can install and maintain the decking quickly and efficiently.

The Magnet S

  1. 3x Faster Installation:

    Speed matters, and the Magnet S System offers up to 3x faster installation compared to other conventional installation methods. This allows you to enjoy your new outdoor space in the blink of an eye, reducing costs and gaining efficiency.

The Magnet

  1. Aluminum Track substructure:

To guarantee the strength and durability of your decking, We have incorporated a substructure of aluminum battens that provide a solid foundation for the a solid base for the decking and ensures that it will withstand inclement weather and the passage of time.


In summary, the 5 advantages of the Magnet S System are:

– Patented invisible profile
– No screws
– 100% accessible
– 3x fast
– Aluminum racks.


At Yvyra, we are proud to offer cutting-edge solutions that simplify and improve simplify and improve the installation of outdoor decking. With the new patented Magnet S System patent, we continue to raise the industry standard and bring our customers the quality and innovation they deserve.


If you are planning a decking installation project, we invite you to discover how the new Magnet S discover how the new Magnet S System can transform your experience.
Simplify your installation, improve aesthetics and enjoy a more accessible outdoor space with Yvyra.
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