Tarima exterior de bambú

7 reasons and 3 projects to love bamboo decking this summer

Whether it is around private swimming pools or public boardwalks and decks with a lot of foot traffic, bamboo is becoming more and more popular amongst architects and homeowners as a decking material for outdoor spaces. Bamboo is not considered a natural wood, because its benefits and features, compared to other materials for outdoor decking, are superior.

Why is bamboo decking in trend?

1. Elegant and natural beauty

Bamboo has a unique and natural beauty. The look and feel of our deck is one of the most important factors when choosing the kind of boards. Bamboo decking has a warm and natural look as well as a beautiful texture that enhances any space where it is used.

2. Extremely stable, dense, strong and hard

Bamboo is stronger than hardwood and very stable. The heat and compression treatment of bamboo decking boards gives them a very high level of stability. When it comes to hardness, bamboo ranks amongst the top 5 natural materials in the Janka hardness scale.

Material Exterpark Magnet
Bamboo Natural
Exterpark Magnet
Bamboo Carbonized
Ipé Teak Western Red Cedar
Density (kg/m3)> 1,200 1,100 1,060 655 370
Rigidity MOE(MPa) 16,700 14,490 22,070 11,280 7,660
Hardness Janka(N) 17,659 16,992 15,620 4,740 1,560
Durability(Class) 1 1 1-2 1-3 2

3. Easy maintenance and long-lasting

Bamboo decking is long-lasting and easy to maintain. With simple daily maintenance and no need to use chemical products, keeping your bamboo decking looking and feeling great is no hassle.

4. Environmentally sustainable

Bamboo is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Growing up to 1 metre a day, bamboo grows much faster than hardwood species, so the number of plantations does not decrease.

5. High quality

In outdoor spaces, where decking boards are exposed to the elements with no protection, the demands on the material are very high. That is why bamboo, in addition to being sustainable and ecological, is a highly resistant and high-quality material, ideal for outdoor projects.

6.  Fire resistant

Bamboo meets the highest requirements against fire: it reaches the Bfl-s1 (EN 13501-1) security class and achieves Class A flame-spread index according to ASTM E84.

7. Easy to install

With Yvyra’s Exterpark Magnet, bamboo decking is also super easy to install with a simple hand tool. No need to use nails or big tools.

3 projects featuring Yvyra’s Exerpark Magnet Bamboo Collection

1. Rooftop in Barcelona

Exterpark Magnet Bamboo 

This beautiful terrace with a swimming pool and a pergola is located in the heart of Barcelona and made with Exterpark Bamboo Natural.


2. Herzliya University in Tel Aviv

Exterpark Magnet Bamboo Carbonized Grooved

Decking of the outdoor areas of Herzliya University in Tel Aviv, done with Exterpark Magnet Bamboo, grooved and carbonized.


3. Hotel terrace in Washington

Exterpark Bamboo Carbonized

This sunny terrace in a hotel in Washington is made with Exterpark Magnet Bamboo Carbonized.

Coming soon: Exterpark Magnet Bamboo Grey

In Autumn 2021, we are introducing a new colour for our Exterpark Magnet Bamboo deckings: Grey. Made with high-quality bamboo that has been lightly coloured, the new Grey bamboo has a strong finish process that truly minimises natural discoloration caused by continuous exposure to direct sunlight.

This new hue opens up many possibilities as it is extremely versatile: it complements cool tones, contrasts elegantly with warm ones and enables you to mix and match assorted decor and furniture in many colour schemes.

Start your Exterpark Magnet Bamboo project today: Contact us and we will help you get started.