Quality and customisation in Yvyra’s newest wooden floor collections

The collections Carácter and 1OAK Único are our latest step towards creating unique and stylish ambiences

In spring 2019, Yvyra introduced their new series of indoor wooden floors. Driven by innovation and excellence, the collections Character and 1OAK Único have been created to give your projects the sophistication and versatility that you need.

Carácter Collection: make your ideas come true with a custom wooden floor

The Carácter series is a collection of unique and singular parquet flooring. Their broad range of colours and customisable finishes allow to personalise the flooring to the customer’s taste and needs. Carácter is available in a variety of formats, allowing the creation of unique tile designs and patterns like herringbone or chevron.


Carácter collection - customisable wooden floors and finishes


The Carácter collection models include:

  • Carácter Parquet: combine birch wood boards and finishes to create your ideal floor
  • Carácter Herringbone and Chevron: the trendiest styles with the best quality
  • Carácter Design: create and combine to create your unique hexagon, loop or trio pattern
  • Carácter Hardwood: beautiful floors available in oak, ipe, iroko, walnut, and more
  • Carácter Floor tiles: handmade with unique finishes

Discover the new Carácter collection here

1OAK Único: the highest quality wooden floors at excellent prices

Yvyra’s recently launched 1OAK Único collection consists of natural wooden oak floors with a variety of colours and finishes, including matte and invisible varnish. Available in Premium format, 1OAK Único offers great quality natural wood at competitive prices. The collection includes a series of shades of rustic and natural wood in different widths that will suit any project design.



The 1OAK Único collection models include:

Rustic selection 14/3x190x1900
• 1OAK Único Galerna
• 1OAK Único Aire
• 1OAK Único Brisa
• 1OAK Único Viento
• 1OAK Único Sirocco
• 1OAK Único Luz

Natural selection 14/3x190x1900
• 1OAK Único Levante
• 1OAK Único Mistral

Natural selection 14/3x235x1900
• 1OAK Único Greco
• 1OAK Único Bora

Discover the new 1OAK Único collection here