We help you order your Exterpark decking step by step

Installing new decking is one of the biggest projects you can do in your home, especially if you want to do it yourself. With Exterpark decking and patented installation system The Magnet, it has never been easier to set up your own flooring. To ensure that you have everything you need to build it, we introduce our new Exterpark Accessories Checklist Guides for wood, tech and bamboo decking

Everything you need to install your own decking

After you have decided what kind of decking suits you best, at Exterpark we help you through the entire purchasing process. From clips to blockers, joists or aligners, we guide you through your purchase so that you have everything you’ll need to set up your new Exterpark decking with the Magnet smart fixing method.

Our Accessories Checklist guide tells you how many of each component or accessory you’ll need for your surface, based on square meters. Let’s have a look at what your Exterpark Accessories Checklist can look like with our support:


1. Choose your wooden, tech or bamboo decking.

2. Pick the design – the way you will lay out your boards

3. Add cross joists for instance (for Wood and Tech)
to help you with the layout.

4. Get the clips, spacers  and blockers to easily install your decking
with our smart fixing method the Magnet

5. Add the right number of pedestals and wedges,
following the instructions on our Checklist


6. Get the Magnet aligner to install your clips easier
and more precisely, and the Magnet tool
to open your boards in less than 5 seconds.

7. Include any special pieces you’d like, such as L-shape boards
or blockers for the last board

8. Finalise your purchase and you’ll receive your boards and all
accessories to install your Exterpark decking


Ordering your Exterpark decking has never been so easy! Download your Accessories Checklists from here:


Accessories Checklist
Exterpark Wood

Accessories Checklist
Exterpark Tech

Accessories Checklist
Exterpark Bamboo