Building a dream house with Bjelin: the cured wood flooring resistant to dents

When it comes to designing a home, choosing our flooring is possibly one of the biggest decisions we’ll have to make. With such a large area we’re trying to cover, the flooring that we select will have a big impact on the way our house looks and feels.

Today we look at a very special house and how its owners fell in love at first sight with Bjelin wooden floors: the cured, sustainable and environmentally friendly wooden floors distributed in Spain by YVYRA. Thanks to the Woodura® technology, Bjelin’s cured wood is made using less than one-tenth of the raw material used in traditional wooden flooring manufacture, which utilises only 35% of the log. Reinventing the production of flooring is crucial to start changing the way in which it’s main raw material, oak, is used: a very sought-after wood that’s becoming more and more difficult to get.  


Photo: Bjelin Sweden AB


With the sustainable flooring BJELIN, the house goes from a classic look to stylish designs, the house combines antique furniture with rustic objects and details in various materials that give the space a unique look. When it came to the floor, the couple had decided early on that they would go with wide wooden boards that were stable, durable and resistant to dents.

It’s always been our dream to have a dark brown wooden floor with a lot of character that has a genuine wood feel, and is environmentally friendly. It was [such] love at first sight when we saw Bjelin’s floor for the first time […] that we chose to put in the kitchen, dining room and living room, thanks to its high resistance to impacts and liquids.


Photo: Bjelin Sweden AB


So, what was it about Bjelin flooring that made these homeowners fall in love with it?

Bjelin flooring: beauty, resistance and sustainability hand in hand

Bjelin offers a wide range of beautiful cured wooden floors in all colours and styles: from calm and elegant to rustic and vibrant, where you can really see the beauty of natural wood coming to life. Using their Woodura(R) patented technology, the Bjelin cured wood boards are reinforced and several times harder and more resistant to impact than normal wooden floors – all while maintaining the look and feel of natural wood.

“We love the perfect dark brown shade, you can see the wood grain and the boards are so wide – it gives a great feeling in the house”, say the homeowners.


Photo: Bjelin Sweden AB

Bjelin cured wood floors also have a high-quality moisture resistant HDF board that makes it suitable for all kinds of spaces, as it can withstand wear, food spills and water splashes. In the case of this beautiful house, the owners decided to use Bjelin flooring in the kitchen, living room and dining room.


Photo: Bjelin Sweden AB


Yvyra is a distributor for Bjelin flooring in Spain. If you are looking for a beautiful, natural-wood flooring for your house, don’t hesitate to contact us. Get your Bjelin quote today.