Why choose an Exterpark wooden decking

Due to its unique nature, its warmth and the balance it creates with its surroundings, the beauty of natural wood flooring is incomparable.  At Yvyra, we have been inspired by nature for over 50 years and relying on natural wood, always following harvesting and manufacturing processes that are respectful of the environment.

With every innovation and development in our Exterpark decking, we bring natural wood closer to more and more people around the world. We design all our processes to extend the life of the wood, providing beautiful, quality outdoor spaces that are kept in perfect condition for years and years.

Exterpark wooden decking combines the timeless beauty of natural wood with the innovation of our installation systems, and that is why they are appreciated by architects, builders and landscapers, providing an incomparable touch of nature to thousands of homes, hotels and spaces around the world.


Exterpark is warmth and nature for many reasons

 Emotional reasons

  • Wood is the most noble, warm and exquisite material that nature provides. Wood is wisdom, wood is energy, wood is life. 
  • Wood is a natural product and, precisely for this reason, it has the beauty of uniqueness.
  • The Exterpark Outdoor Wooden Platforms allow you to transform all kinds of outdoor spaces into warm and functional environments, expanding the confines of outdoor living space and providing new moments of pleasure.
  • Wood also provides design and warmth in indoor areas that withstand falling water, like showers, bathrooms, indoor pools, gyms or changing rooms.


 Rational reasons

  • Wood is a material that seeks balance with its environment. Warm in winter and cool in summer, it provides its users with unique well-being.
  • Its strength and durability reach extraordinary levels, providing professionals with a structural and aesthetically ideal tool. For the final user, the satisfaction of a valid, long-lasting choice.
  • The Exterpark Outdoor Wooden Platforms generate perfectly flat surfaces, without inclinations, which allows activity to take place without risks and serves as a support for any type of furniture or decorative accessory.

Exterpark is a quality product for many reasons

Emotional type

  • • The versatility of Exterpark allows the customization of projects, and endless aesthetics options. Beauty and functionality come together to create exclusive, unique, different spaces.• Those who have already trusted Exterpark have felt the satisfaction of verifying that their facilities are kept in perfect condition over years and years.• Many professionals have found in Exterpark the necessary guarantee and security to continue prescribing it in their projects.


Rational type

  • Our exclusive concealed fixing system The Magnet, the first patent on the market, whose cornerstone is the Magnet Clip. It has multiple advantages over the traditional screw system and other systems based on plastic fasteners. Advantages that directly translate into higher quality and durability of the flooring.
  • A careful selection of wood: the most beautiful and suitable for outdoor installations.
  • The possibility of reinforcing the intrinsic resistance of selected woods with a specific protection treatment that shields them from possible attacks by biotic agents (insects and xylophageal fungi) and atmospheric agents, prolonging their life indefinitely.  A treatment that avoids taking unnecessary risks and provides complete peace of mind.
  • The Exterpark installation is clean, fast and easy in the hands of good professionals.  Adaptable to any type of surface.
  • A perfect decorative finish and greater protection applying Cabot oil in situ on the wood’s open pores
  • Exterpark facilitates water drainage, avoiding puddles and preserving the stability of the wood. Its maintenance is simple and inexpensive.


Exterpark means trust for many reasons

All absolutely rational

  • Exterpark is the pioneer brand in the market: the concealed fixing system The Magne twas an original idea of ​​our Technical Department and the first patent of its kind worldwide.
  • Today, Exterpark is the leading brand in the outdoor wood flooring market.
  • Control over the entire production process, from the supply of raw materials to the arrival of the product at our warehouses, allows us to directly protect, without third parties involved, the quality of Exterpark.
  • Extensive accumulated experience guarantees the risk-free execution of any project.  Thousands of square meters installed, both in public and private areas, guarantee the quality and durability of the Exterpark Outdoor Wooden Pallets.
  • Ability to advise during all phases of the project. Our Technical Department is an agile and experienced team who are permanently ready to provide professionals with specific support and find solutions according to their needs.
  • Our capacity for innovation and our commitment to finding new solutions and identifying new wood species suitable for outdoor use.
  • Training of the prescriber in product and installation.
  • A network of professional and experienced installers.
  • Agile, serious and personalized service.
  • An extensive list of projects carried out with Exterpark.


Our experience is the best guarantee we can offer: see Exterpark Magnet natural wood projects.