Exterpark se va de vacaciones

Exterpark goes on a world trip during summer break. Join us!

Exterpark has packed its suitcases and is almost ready for its tour around the world during the holidays! Will you join us on our trip through Exterpark’s most recent relevant projects around the world? Don’t think twice and keep reading to find out the 10 countries in the itinerary: Lebanon, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, Israel, Greece, USA, New Zealand, Italy and Spain.

Yvyra’s brand Exterpark has been making outstanding outdoor deckings for over 45 years. Their motto is constant innovation, and so they are continuously introducing new patents and improvements; including their latest news in outdoor decking Exterpark and its installation system The Magnet, its inseparable partner on this world tour.

Exterpark deckings are suitable for all climates, bearing from the most intense cold to the most extreme heat. Thanks to that, they can be installed in all types of spaces, like hotel pools, restaurant terraces, resorts or private houses in any of the world’s continents and climates.

In this new article, the Exterpark brand introduces their itinerary along the latest 10 projects in 10 countries worldwide. Let’s start the journey!

1. Lebanon


Residential Condominium in Beirut – Exterpark Magnet Iroko

Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, is Exterpark’s first destination. The Beirut Residential Condominium has the outdoor Exterpark Magnet Iroko. It has a smooth surface with no gaps and with bevelled edges. Elegance and eternity unite in this robust flooring that will delight guests.


2. Belgium


Private house in Boechout – Exterpark Magnet Ipe

private house in Boechout, Belgium, opened its doors for Yvyra to install the Exterpark Magnet Ipe flooring. A luxurious wooden floor with unique features that provide high resistance to outdoor exposure. Quality and design go hand in hand in the Magnet Ipe model.


3. The Netherlands


Terrace and patio in private house – Exterpark Magnet Ipe

One of this year’s most interesting projects was done in the Netherlands. A country known for having a high amount of precipitation all year long. Exterpark Magnet Ipe was installed in the terrance and patio of a private house. This decking offers high resistance to weather conditions liek rain, snow or sunbeams.


4. Israel


Balcony in private house in Petah Tikva – Exterpark Magnet Iroko

Wooden decking on a balcony? Of course! A private house in the city of Petah Tikva, in Israel, trusted in Yvyra for the installation of Exterpark Magnet Iroko decking. A unique way to capture and enjoy the elegance of this wood while guests and hosts savour an appetiser on the balcony.

5. Greece


Co-Working Green Plaza in Athens – Exterpark Tech Cube

The Co-Working Green Plaza in AthensGreece, chose the Exterpark Tech Cube Plata, made in a wooden texture that encourages relaxation, which has a special anti-stain and anti-scratch protection that is perfect for working spaces.


6. United Arab Emirates


Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Dubai – Exterpark Magnet Iroko

The impressive Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, chose Exterpark Magnet Iroko for their floors. This design offers personalised colour and finishes, which allowed the hotel to pick and customise their design.


7. New Zealand


Terrace in private house in Auckland – Exterpark Tech Cube

private house in Auckland, in New Zealand, chose Exterpark Tech Cube Plata for their outdoor terrace. With high resistance to weather conditions and an anti-stain surface, this decking is perfect for outdoor spaces.


8. United States of America


Hotel terrace in Washington – Exterpark Tech Cube

Thanks to the features of Exterpark Tech Cube Teka, Yvyra has left its mark in a hotel with rooftop terrace in Washington, USExterpark Tech Cube comes in up to 5 different colours in a wooden texture, perfect to give a warm and elegant touch to any hotel space.


9. Italy


Pool and terrace in Maggiore lake – Exterpark Tech Cube

Nowadays more than ever, pools and outdoor terraces in hotels and private houses are decked with wpc decking thanks to its high resistance to environmental factors. Exterpark installed Exterpark Tech Cube Antique in a private house on the Maggiore lake – an option that provides a touch of distinction to any outdoor space.


10. Spain


Sir Víctor Hugo Hotel in Barcelona – Exterpark Magnet Cumarú

Yvyra’s latest project in BarcelonaSpain, was the terrace of Sir Víctor Hugo Hotel, where the Exterpark Magnet Cumarú was installed. This elegant, beautiful and functional floor gives a very exclusive look to an outdoor area.



Exterpark & The Magnet, inseparable travel partners…

Restaurants, businesses and private customers from all around the world trust the Exterpark brand for its high-quality floorings and spectacular designs. A resistant, long-lasting decking with patented invisible profile, perfect for constant foot traffic and to avoid stumbles.

In addition, in 2019 Exterpark has improved the first installation system The Magnet, whose system with flexible clips is designed to provide a quick and easy installation for outdoor wooden and wpc decking. Its great versatility and auto-block system for 90º and 45º have the following benefits:

  • Improved access to the flooring
  • More flexibility
  • Easy maintenance
  • Faster and easier installation
  • More long-lasting, reusable flooring

Exterpark is taking a trip around the world during the holidays, bringing its outdoor deckings to anywhere in the planet, for all kinds of projects. If you want to become a part of the Exterpark family and count on extraordinary floorings for your exterior design projects, architectural projects or home projects, you can contact us directly.