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Outdoor decking Exterpark Bamboo is now available in natural and carbonized colours. Choose the best option for your project!

Exterpark is one of Barcelona’s most distinguished makers of outdoor deckings in the current market. They stand out for their wide range of woods and their innovative installation system for outdoor deckings – The Magnet.

Today Yvyra would like to talk in detail about Exterpark Bamboo, the bamboo outdoor decking in natural or carbonized colour. It is one of the latest additions to Yvyra’s collection and perfect for all kinds of outdoor spaces like gardens, pools, terraces or boardwalks. The bamboo is as hard as oak and more durable than tropical woods, which makes Exterpark Bamboo suitable for the most demanding requirements in the commercial field.

How does a bamboo stem become a wooden board? What are its features? What benefits does bamboo offer? What certificates of sustainability, safety and quality are needed? Yvyra answers all the questions in this new article.

How it is made

Exterpark Magnet Bambú Carbonizado Ranurado
Exterpark Magnet Bamboo Carbonized Grooved

These strips come from the stems of the japanese bamboo plant. After 4 or 5 years of growth, the stems are harvested to create the boards. It is a fast process, in which the stems are split lengthwise to remove the outer skin or bark. 

The outdoor decking Exterpark Bamboo is available in natural or carbonized colour. To give the strips a light brown tone and get rid of the original light yellow hue, the strips are treated with steam. They can also be treated with heat to give them a darker tone (carbonized) or dyed. 

Once the strips have been treated and dried, they are assembled in various ways which result in up to four different styles:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Flexible
  • Forest 

Remarkable features

The outdoor wooden deckings Exterpark Bamboo have amazing traits. They are installed with the decking system The Magnet, which allows each of the decking boards to be opened and closed using a simple hand tool in an easy, fast and silent way. No need to use big tools or nails.

The measurements of Exterpark Bamboo are 20x139x1860. It is available in natural and carbonized tones and smooth and grooved finishes.

Exterpark has the following bamboo decking designs:

Exterpark Magnet Bambú Natural liso

Exterpark Magnet Bamboo Natural smooth

Exterpark Magnet Bambú Carbonizado Ranurado

Exterpark Magnet Bamboo Carbonized Grooved

Exterpark Magnet Bambú Carbonizado liso

Exterpark Magnet Bamboo Carbonized smooth

The benefits of bamboo

Exterpark Magnet Bambú Carbonizado Ranurado
Exterpark Magnet Bamboo Carbonized Grooved

A bamboo decking differs from a wooden decking for its excellent mechanical features, a longer durability and a more than considerable endurance. Bamboo has a superior performance and high stability, which makes it perfect for areas with high traffic.

Another benefit of bamboo is its rapid growth, as it can grow up to one meter per day. An efficient production makes bamboo absorb more CO2 during its growth than is released during production and transportation, which makes bamboo CO2 neutral. 

Because bamboo is antistatic and antiallergic and it has a low emission of volatile organic compounds, it is one of the healthiest, eco-friendly options when it comes to decking.

Certifications of sustainability, safety and quality

Yvyra has the most important certifications of sustainability, safety and quality, including:


  • FSC® Certification. A certification of sustainability, essential in the wood industry. 
  • Leed & Breeam Certification. Application of Yvyra’s bamboo can give credits for LEED and BREEAM and is one of the most important certifications in sustainable construction. 
  • Euroclass Bfl-s1 fire reaction certification for bamboo floorings
  • Euroclass B-S1-D0 fire reaction certification for bamboo walls and ceilings.
  • The Exterpark Bamboo decking reaches class 1 (EN 350), the highest in biological durability, so it can be used in direct application and above ground.
  • Exterpark Bamboo is also classified as Class 4 according to the EU norm EN 335, which defines five use classes depending on the kind of exposition the wood should have. Thanks to its thermal and compression treatment, Exterpark Bamboo has the highest rank.


The Exterpark Bamboo deckings are one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable options in the market. The growth speed of bamboo is higher than hardwood species, which are more costly due to their slow growth. Each bamboo plant is made of several stems, and these stems grow naturally every year, so the number of plantations does not diminish.

This decking has also been awarded the FSC Certification, which certifies that the bamboo is harvested responsibly and avoids continuous deforestation. Moreover, during the production phase quality procedures are applied to help respect the environment and health.

The low emissions of bamboo help create a healthier indoor environment wherever it is installed. Furthermore, its features and quality make it highly durable and, therefore, much more sustainable. Thanks to the endurance of bamboo, it will not be necessary to replace the decking as often as with other woods. Another feature of bamboo is that it is easy to recycle, so when its life cycle is over it can be burnt.

If you would like to apply Exterpark Bamboo to your outdoor project, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. It has a 25-year warranty, so we encourage you to not miss this opportunity.